Biology in the Light of Physical Theories: New Frontiers in Medicine
8 October 2014
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris
Jacques Benveniste Research Association

To request an invitation to attend this unique scientific symposium, email 'association [at]' with the subject title "Inscription 8 October".

Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water
9 October 2014
Pamporovo, Bulgaria

The 9th annual water conference brings together the most respected scientists in this exciting field of research, including Nobel Prize winner Prof Luc Montagnier.

5th Homeopathy Research Forum
6 November 2014
Marriott Hotel, Calgary AB, Canada
Homeopathy Special Interest Group (SIG)
Canada's 5th Homeopathy Research Forum is being organised as part of the 2014 IN-CAM Research Symposium.
WissHom-Congress ICE 14
20 November 2014
K├Âthen (Anhalt)

The Scientific Society for Homeopathy (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Homöopathie - WissHom) welcomes you to their latest congress (in German language only).

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